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Hi, I am Hugh Metzger and I am currently studying at the fabulous London College of Style. Wednesday at LCS was truly inspiring!

I have recently just started wearing glasses and it has taken a while to get used to it! All my friends and everyone at LCS say they can't imagine me not wearing them now! This meant today was really exciting for me as I met the amazing Claire Goldsmith of British eye wear company Oliver Goldsmith and her very friendly PR manager Zoe Cosby. They came to introduce us to the company. Claire is the granddaughter of the legendary Oliver Goldsmith who revolutionised the world of spectacles. Zoe's roll in PR is to make everyone aware of the fabulous store in Notting Hill, London where she works and to raise awareness of the brand.

Oliver Goldsmith has been a family-run business for over 80 years, (that really is incredible!) with all manufacturing still taking place in the UK. The company became iconic because Oliver wanted to make spectacles a fashion statement and something unique for everyone. Audrey Hepburn, Michael Caine and Lady GaGa are a few celebrities who have made the glasses iconic.

Unlike other top designer brands, you can actually visit the store and have your own frames created from the expert bespoke service with your name engraved inside or choose from one of the iconic frames and have that fitted perfectly for you. (How amazing! I am desperate to get down there!) Not only will you get the best pair of glasses or sunglasses but the downstairs of the store is made into a little museum where you can look through old archives and personal letters to Oliver himself.

Claire Goldsmith explained to us that she decided to put her own mark on eyewear design and re-introduce to the world, in 2005, the fashion story and some of the most iconic sunglasses from the private family archive.

CG is definitely going to be future Vintage!!!!

Check out the amazing website! http://www.clairegoldsmith.com/

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  1. Hmm, as a life long spectacle wearer I have been incredibly pissed off for five years or more, because the fashion police dictate that I should wear only square frames. I'm now forced to buy vintage, and get them re-lensed. What is the matter with these people? we don't all want to look like Heston Blumenthal.........so much for 'style' this is enforced conformity.


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