What a Success at LCS!

I have to take this last blog of mine to specifically applaud the LCS staff, program and other students in the course. We are onto our 9th week of class and looking back on all that we have learned and everything that we are learning about right now is just jaw dropping. So if any of you are looking at applying for the course, getting ready to start come summer, or just looking at this blog for the first time, definitely stay tuned, you’ll be amazed at the amount of things that are learned in a 12-week slot of time!

This past week was yet another insightful lecture at the London College of Style as we learned more in depth what it takes to be a personal stylist and some valuable tips on good ways to start getting to know the clients, organizing wardrobes, and we were actually given a hands-on detailed assignment to “wake up” the wardrobe of a friend, relative or neighbor. I, naturally, chose a classmate turned good friend, Hugh Metzger as my project for the week. We went through Hugh’s extensive wardrobe, detangling the good from the bad and it was actually a really fun process! I even got a pose or 2 out of him and a little catwalk strut for the pieces that looked great on.
Hugh during the “wake-up” wardrobe process
Aside from this project, we also have our final photo shoots coming up where we get to choose the themes of 2 different outfits. Though I chose two pretty tricky themes, I’m pleasantly surprised with the results! Now I’m just crossing my fingers that they both look just as good on the model as they do off! 

Photo shoot outfit #2
(inspired by Vivienne Westwood A/W 2011/12)
Photo shoot outfit #1
(inspired by Julian Galliano A/W 2009)

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