Excessive Accessories

Picture of a stand at Portobello Market

I have really become more creative with and enjoy the use and amount of accessories. At LCS, we have been learning how accessories can really make or break an outfit and the amount worn always matters too. Yeah, for editorial shoots you are bound to use an exaggerated amount of accessories (so we’ve learned first-hand) however, excessive accessories are also a big look hitting this spring and summer and some of the high street shops have really done a brilliant job in creating certain looks solely through their accessories. You could wear a completely plain outfit and still create a certain theme through the amount and type of accessories you wear!

Personally, being new to the London area, Portobello Market is one of my favorite places to find accessories because of the array to choose from! Some are so ethnic looking while others are antiques and still there are costume pieces as well. However, if you don’t have the time to rummage through the piles upon piles of things Portobello is notorious for hoarding; some of the high street stores are doing a fantastic job with the different themes that are big right now through their jewelry.

Bright colors are a big thing for spring through color blocking as well as the neon look and 70’s style and right now Topshop has a fantastic number of collections that appeal to all of these looks- I’m loving the feather accessories they’re mixing with turquoise, brown and coral for the more bohemian 70’s look, and the royal blue bangles  and fun brightly colored costume rings are fab!

Another one of my favorites right now is River Island’s 70’s-themed scarves and sunglasses and don’t even get me started on the vintage jewelry at Urban Outfitters!

Leigh x

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