Confessions of a Customizer

At LCS, I’ve really enjoyed learning that there are endless possibilities within the fashion biz that are right at the tips of our fingers. I came into this program assuming I wanted to do two things with my life afterwards: fashion editorial styling and fashion writing. However, like many other of my fabulous classmates, I’ve come to learn that there’s SO much more depth to the styling industry than I thought and thus came my revolution.

Wendy, Jason and the rest of the LCS team are so great in that they really help us to discover what we want to do with our lives; expressing what regions within the fashion world that we show a knack for and pushing us to explore those areas deeper. One area that they have built up my confidence in is my ability to customize.

Now, I never realized how pertinent customization skills can be within the fashion industry, more specifically, styling, but I have really started to become more fascinated in taking a piece of clothing that was once an absolute horror, and turning it into something useful. It all started with Selena Francis-Bryden- the stylist for SJP’s infamous character on Sex and the City- having us customize a white t-shirt which I just added a little bit of lace onto and cut off a sleeve, and it has slowly evolved into creating a pair of colorful beaded shoes, a 1940’s themed hat that I used for our last photo shoot, and now, I am currently the proud parent of a once-was button-down top turned fur vest that I will be using for my final photo shoot.

First Project
Customized hat in use for photo shoot

Shoes I customized for a class customization assignment 

I thought I’d give you all a view of what I’ve come to discover and love, thanks to the program- I honestly don’t think I would have ever figured this out about myself otherwise! 

If this is something you’re interested in, I highly suggest checking out Selena’s book DIY Fashion: Customize and Personalize or the U.S. stylist turned author, Erica Domesek’s P.S.- I Made This.

Back of vest
Front of vest 

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