My first day of LCS finally began, and what a wonderful day!  Celebrity stylist and founder, Wendy Elsmore, started the day with introductions and then went through our summer assignments.  Our first guest lecturer, Grace Bank, editor at V Style Magazine, stopped in and gave us a run through the online magazine.

After lunch our customization lecturer arrived and we were each given an every-day, slightly frumpy garment.  Selena Francis-Bryden who has customized for Dolce&Gabbana, Sex and The City and many others, introduced us to a "waste not, want not" kind of DIY throughout the afternoon.  I was given a very maternity-esque purple top and I quickly snipped the sleeves, re-stitched the hem by four inches to make it a bit crop and added some trim flair and vintage flat beads.  We were assessed and then given copies of Selena's book. Tomorrow starts at the V&A with the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition.  xx



Wendy Elsmore, Selena Francis-Bryden & Hanna discussing her garment

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