New London College Launches - teaching vocational courses for aspiring fashion stylists

The London College of Style (LCS) is the only dedicated college in the UK to offer a vocational fashion styling foundation course that combines the right balance of first class education combined with access to real working contacts. Degrees focusing on fashion styling can take up to three years to complete in which time you could be out working in the industry gaining invaluable experience and starting to carve a name for yourself. Founded by renowned celebrity fashion stylist Wendy Elsmore and international model Kate Smith, all courses are taught by leading industry experts and aim to raise the standard of styling across the fashion industry.

London College of Style will do for aspiring fashion stylists what The Brit School has done for musicians. Not only do we offer an excellent training programme for raw undiscovered talent, but we also create a genuine opportunity to be plucked from obscurity with a chance to shine in the limelight. Every term at LCS (London College of Style) we will invite a select group of fashion industry influencers to assess our students and their calibre of work with a view to offering employment/contracts/freelance opportunities aimed at students with both exceptional ability and brilliant creativity. We will also have celebrity guest speakers join us at select times during the term to qualify the roll of the fashion stylist within their specific industries.


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